Tandem Services

Tandem, Montréal’s program on urban security, offers several services concerning the security and the sense of security of Verdun’s citizens. The services offered by the program are both varied and free. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Services Action Surveillance Verdun

Major Focus:

  1. Security of household goods
      o Home security visits
      o Engraving of your valuables
      o « Cocoon »
      o Bicycle theft prevention
      o Information sessions
  2. Security in public spaces
      o Information kiosk
      o Safety Audits
      o Information sessions
  3. Personal security
      o Child identity booklet
      o Kiosk
      o Information sessions
  4. Implication in the community
      o Promotion (eg. : medias…)
      o Coordinating committee
      o Partnership
      o Citizen’s mobilization

Minor focus :

• Fire prevention: Information diffusion; smoke detector verification
• Civil security: Information sessions