Photos from La Station!

Summer western happening

Canoe camping summer 2013!

The winning picture of the annual photography contest of La Station. Photographer: Françoise Bourgeois


Halloween at La Station 2012


Dance class with Robert !

Corn roast party – August 2012

Beach Party for teenagers – August 2012!

Exercices with Andréanne !

Rock band at La Station !

Volunteers party of Verdun: Marie Montpetit, Annie-Pier Luce et Marie-Eve Brunet

Outgoing at Les Iles en Ville ! Miam !

Les Brunchs de l’Ile: Presentation of Laroche-Posay (with Jean Coutu of l’Ile-des-Soeurs)

Presentation of the documentary Le viel âge et le rire from M. Fernand Dansereau with the actors: Louise Portal, Kim Yaroshevskaya, Gérard Poirier, the politicians Andrée Champoux and Claude Trudel.

Photo contest: Des images de printemps plein la tête. The winner Mme Michelle Soucy.

Les Brunchs de l’Ile: Presentation of Mies Van Der Rohe

Open-door – february 2012

La Station Inauguration

Christmas supper 2011-2012