Action Prévention Verdun is responsible for the management of a new intergenerational community centre and Montreal’s Tandem program. The organization’s interventions concerning urban security are based on a situational approach. Moreover Action Prévention Verdun multiplies its actions in social development. In doing so, the organization targets the deep roots of criminality and victimization therefore facilitating the well-being of the entire community.

Action Prévention Verdun’s priority is ensuring Verdun citizens feel secure. This is essential for a good quality of life. Our activities and services have similar goals:
• Increase the level of sense of security of Verdun citizens;
• Encourage Verdun citizens to take responsibility for their environment.
• Maintain an active and complementary role in urban security, including fire prevention, civil protection and first aid in case of a major disaster.

Customers/ Territory served
Any citizen of the Verdun borough or any person working on the Verdun territory can make use of the services of Action Prévention Verdun.