The beautiful story of Action Prevetion Verdun

When citizens are at the heart of the action…
When we come together through prevention…
It’s an entire community that gets involved for Verdun!

May 1999 – A crime-related study conducted in Verdun by Sergeant Danielle Sauvageau of PDQ (“poste de police de quartier”, or neighbourhood police station) 16 revealed that 56% of crime is related to domestic break-ins. Because of this information, PDQ 16 initiates the “Projet Bon Voisinage” in collaboration with PDQ 17 and the City (now Borough) of Verdun. The project obtains a grant from the Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Public Security Ministry to employ a full time coordinator and officially start the project. A citizen’s committee was then formed, and applied for a grant from the City of Verdun for a grant to ensure the permanency of the project’s coordinator.

Seminar on security, 2005

Seminar on security, 2005

November and December 1999“Projet Bon Voisinage” obtains the Silver “Méritas Verdunois 1999” award in the Community Service category.  In recognition of the committee’s efforts, the City of Verdun grants a $33,000 subsidy to ensure the project’s continuity.

January to May 2000 – Thanks to the financial support of the City of Verdun and the collaboration of PDQs 16 and 17, the committee decides to incorporate. The committee proudly obtains its Charter, and Action Surveillance Verdun, a non-profit organization dedicated to crime prevention, is born.

August 2004 – Action Surveillance Verdun becomes the official “Tandem Montréal” partner organization in Verdun, giving it better visibility and important financial support.

September 2009 – Action Surveillance Verdun’s mission becomes clearer. In addition to basing its crime-prevention interventions on a situational approach, the organization now multiplies its actions in social development! This strategy targets the deep roots of criminality and victimization. It involves mobilizing a people’s strengths and assets, therefore insuring long term territory appropriation and a rise in objective and subjective safety for the whole community.

January 2011 – The borough of Verdun recognizes the impact of the actions executed by the organization by increasing its annual subsidy.

January 2012 – Action Surveillance Verdun is mandated with the management of La Station, an intergenerational center in Nuns’ Island, Verdun. This center is one of its kind, a place where teenagers and seniors may come together for a few hours of community leisure. The center is managed with a philosophy of with-for-by the members, seniors and teenagers of Verdun. This structural change to Action Surveillance Verdun raises a thought about its name. To better suit its objectives and new reality, the organization becomes Action Prevention Verdun.