‘Tis the season to be jolly!

1 December 2015

Holidays special!

Here’s twelve tips to help you safely make the most out of the holidays this year:

  • While Xmas lights are a great way to highlight the coming of the holidays IN your home, be sure to get the low-intensity ones (the ones that are made for the indoors). When away from your home (or when you go to bed), make sure that the Xmas tree lights are OFF.
  • It’s not unusual for kids to receive presents that need batteries in order to function. Do NOT take the batteries out of your smoke detector if you don’t have any spares. Try, as much as possible, to think to include the necessary batteries with the gift: wrap it along with the toy! This way, there’s no risk of forgetting to put the batteries back into the smoke detector.
  • While a candle can be pretty, dont forget to blow it out before leaving the house or going to sleep. Also, do not leave the candle unattended, nor keep it close to a dangerous area (curtains, for instance).
  • Do not handle too many bags at the same time; it is easy to lose one if you’ve got too much to look after for.
  • When shopping, put all of your bags in the trunk of your car, instead of the backseat. This way, it won’t catch the eye of a thief.
  • When buying with a credit or debit card, make sure that your PIN is protected, unseen by others. Always verify that it is YOUR card that the clerk gives you back after you handle your card to pay.
  • When you receive or buy expensive stuff for your home, be careful on how you get rid of the boxes, wrapping, instuctions, etc. If burglars can find such things in your garbage, it may give them indication that you have stuff that might be worth stealing at your place.
  • When in public, doing shopping or putting your bags into the car, be sure to keep an eye on your wallet or/and purse.
  • When shopping, avoid carrying too much cash on you. Pay by card instead.
  • When parking your car at the mall, park it in a well-lit area and avoid isolated areas.
  • When going out of town for the holidays, ask a neighbor you trust to keep an eye on your place and property. Have him pick up the journal, your mail, get the trash and the recycling out… You could even ask him to park in your alleyway! Also, use a timer for your lights. This way, your house will look as if it is occupied.
  • And finally, as it is a classic every holidays, don’t forget to call Operation Red Nose if you’ve had a little too much to drink. While eggnog is divine, we love you very much alive! By calling ORN, three volunteers will show up to drive you where you need to go, in YOUR car. Just call the following number, between 9pm and 3:30am: 514-256-2510. Better safe than sorry.

This article is a translation of “Le temps des fêtes!”, by Katia Levesque, project manager @ CASUAL (Comité d’action en sécurité urbaine de l’arrondissement de Lachine).

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